Integrated Project – Reflective Document

Below is a link to my reflective document in regards to the Integrated Project of semester one.

Integrated Project Reflective Document


Introduction to Story – Interactive PDF

Link to final pdf: Tamlyn Theys Contextual Document Final

Creating an interactive pdf on inDesign was challenging at first. Deciding on the layout and colour scheme was the major decisions I had to first create.

I chose the red colour scheme due to the presentation being about femininity and talking ¬†about topics that are confronting. The red represents a females menstrual cycle which is a topic that is rather confronting and often times uncomfortable to discuss. It’s also specific to females which makes it a fitting colour scheme to assist the topic of femininity.

The title of the presentation is “(F)orce Period 17” which references the (F) for females. For example, when people identify (M) and (F) for male and female in written documents. The entire title is reference to the feminine force that is currently becoming much more prominent in this current time period of 2017.

The upside-down ‘F’ on the pages references ‘females’ and I placed it upside-down because of the way I view feminism as being misunderstood. So if I had placed it the right way up, it wouldn’t have conveyed the same intentions.

The content of the presentation varies from slide to slide. Some slides contain text, while others contain images. Overall, I wanted to have a simplistic layout for the document because I feel like it played into the contrast of the complex topic of feminism in itself.