Paper Project – ‘(F)orce’ Refinement Phase 3

In the final phase of my refinement, I chose to carry on the photographic aesthetic and the depiction the people in my space, especially the of the females within my space.

As opposed to the previous phase in wanting to have a chaotic aesthetic, I now feel that I want to simplify the aesthetics. Sticking with the photographic aesthetic, just less cluttered. I will stay with the concept of sticking one piece of paper onto another piece of paper with masking tape containing writing because I the rustic and rough look of it portrays an aspect within my mental space.

Photography is my current desired career path, so because of that I decided to print out some of my favourite images that I’ve taken so far this year. After printing them, I placed them onto various coloured pieces of 80gsm paper, as well as images from the magazines from the previous refinement phase.


I then decided that I would place all of these newly constructed images into a sketchbook. A chose a sketchbook because typically a sketchbook is for ideas and essentially space is an idea in its entirety. My ‘idea’ of what space is, will vary greatly to what someone else will have, similarly to the ideas jotted down in a sketch book being different to another.

The final piece will be called ‘Welcome To Space’, to indicate to the view that they’re now entering space. They’re entering my space which is still space. All of the collated images in one space to show what my space and my life consists of.

Images of the book with the images in them are below:

Welcome To Space

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I first thought about simply just having the book on it’s own as the final but I want to have to book to become a space within itself and exist within a space as well. The way that I would want to exhibit this piece is to have multiple copies of this book attached to a wall. This is inspired by artist Fernanda Fragateiro and her works she does with books (shown in Pinterest page link as shown above).

I then looked into a site called ‘Moodica’ that consists of visually satisfying moving image pieces. In looking through the pieces, I found that there was a way I could convey space in a video method. Examples from Mooodica below:

This led me to think about if the presentation idea of having the books on the wall would be enough. Or if there should be some type of video to accompany it.
I decided that along with the multiple copies on the wall, I would create a slideshow of sorts of the images that can play alongside the installation. I chose to have the video be of the images because the concept is that each book on the wall would be installed open on different pages (see Perspective Drawings for a visual explanation) but if that’s so, not all of the images would be visible. So by having the video of the images, then the images have a more prominent existence within the space of the installation.



See ‘Perspective Drawings’ and ‘Final Individual Project’ for the outcome of the depiction of the exhibition.


Paper Project – ‘(F)orce’ Refinement Phase 2

When looking at the paper cut pieces, I viewed them as photographs which I was happy about. However, the simplicity of the images is what bothers me. I feel that the simplicity of them play into the overarching theme of feminism which isn’t a simplistic theme. Therefore, the aesthetic shouldn’t be simplistic.

In steering away from the simplistic aesthetic, my original thought of addressing the hyper-sexualisation of the female body has gone. Instead, I feel that I can address my other issue which is that the depiction of anything to do with females does not depict the power, strength and feminine force. Since feminine force is so prominent within my own space, I feel that it’s important to me that my works reiterate this.

What I then decided to do was to go to the extreme opposite from simple aesthetic, which to me is collage. Collage, in all its entirety, is a busy and overloaded piece of work. In doing so though, I kept with the theme of femininity by using images and text from popular ‘typically’ feminine magazines:



Magazine cutouts

210 mm x 297 mm


Then, just to add to the now existing chaos that is the collage, I drew a series of portraits that make up four females.

These four females are my depiction of feminine force. They embody the force that exists within the space of a female, as well as the colours of them representing the force within them individually. I did this to show the depth that feminine force goes into. There is no limit. Feminine force is a space within itself, simple because it is limited.

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Paper Projet – ‘(F)orce’ Refinement Phase 1

I plan on starting with the issue of the depiction of females being a hyper-sexualized version. Still wanting to link it in with how I view the subject rather than how it’s already being viewed.

The first phase in getting to my refinement involves simplistic line drawings being turned into paper cut pieces

The drawing ideas themselves, revolve around the concept of the female body being what I see as being the most hyper-sexualised



Ink Pen

8 pages, 148 x 210

female body line drawings 1female body line drawings 2female body line drawings 3

From these drawings, I went onto turn them into paper cut pieces. By coming to the idea of creating paper cut pieces, I solidified my previous thought of if I let me creativity roam, as I did, I would eventually come full circle and meet the requirements again. In this case, the requirement being the medium of paper

My method of creating these pieces is to take the line drawings and cut them in order to play with light and shadow on the pieces. I first tested out this method:

I found that in cutting them with a craft knife, some of the paper would cut and fold. To solve this, I need to use a thicker paper than regular copy paper. I would use paper of 180gsm thickness. I also found that when holding or pushing down the paper, the shadows are more prominent. I also decided that I wanted to use coloured paper than white. I settled on the colour yellow due to it being a gender neutral colour. I then constructed the pieces:


180gms paper

210 mm x 297 mm


Paper Project – Development Phase 4

I now feel that Im in a creative space that allows me to confront a serious topic again as opposed to simple designs.


As said in the first stage of my development, I feel that certain things link back to feminism.

When thinking about the people that are in my space, I realised that the people who have had the most impact of me are the females in my space. The feminine force within my space is evident and powerful

I want to creatively explore the topic of feminism. Feminism as a whole has always been a topic that has been sensitive to me because I feel that it’s used so loosely. Its used as more of a trend than an actual movement.

This development is called (F)orce, to reference feminine force.


Below are slides from my Introduction to Story presentation that I created in talking about feminism:

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 2.42.38 pmScreen Shot 2017-06-17 at 2.42.44 pmScreen Shot 2017-06-17 at 2.42.48 pmScreen Shot 2017-06-17 at 2.43.00 pm

Discussing the foundation of feminism and it’s meaning within our society, I referenced the idea of feminism being referred to as some sort of “man-hating” movement when it is merely a movement in wanting equal rights and opportunities no matter what gender is in question. In a way, everyone is a feminist and has a feminist viewpoint on certain situations that arise. This led me to address the topic of microaggression. Micro aggression refers to subtle discrimination that takes place without the perpetrator or victim knowing or understanding that it’s even taking place. I surveyed 35 of my friends and found that majority of the females said yes to every question and majority of the males said no to the questions. This helped me to gain an understanding of the sexist microagressions that take place on a daily basis.

Taking this into consideration, I looked into the visual depiction of females and the visual ways the microagressions they face is also depicted. The most prominent depictions of females and micragression towards them is in Disney films. Disney films are typically centred around female characters which is a positive thing. Films such as ‘Mulan’, ‘Brave’ and the latest ‘Moana’ all show powerful, strong females who are independent. While others such as ‘Sleeping Beauty’, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘Tangled’ tend to show females who are reliant on a male. The common phrase of “and they lived happily ever after” is actually referring to how in the end of most of the films, the women are with their ‘prince charming’ so does that imply that to live happily ever after, one must have a man or some sort of relationship.

I wasn’t too happy with this type of depiction of females from a creative point of view. One of the issues that I see with this depiction of the females is that in a way it’s a hyper-sexualised viewpoint. It deems females in a sexual manner, not necessarily in a provocative way but its still a sexualised view. I also have an issue with the depiction not always showing the power of a feminine force but rather somewhat of a dependant force.

I wish to create works that address these issues that I see while still sticking with the concepts of how I view the world and the aesthetic of a photograph.

From this point onwards, I will be refining the concept of (F)orce.


Paper Project – Development Phase 3

Running with the concept of depicting how I view the world within my own space, it led me to think about my space as a whole bunch of nothing and something at the same time.

Still going with the concept of not being confined to be medium of paper, I’m letting my ideas flow. The end result of this individual project can then be authentic to the process while still meeting the brief in the end.

In how I view my space in regards to it being something and nothing at the same time, Im inspired by an artist by the name of Mr Brainwash.


His creative process of letting the art somewhat create itself is a method that I will implement into these developments.

Using various coloured markers, I wrote a series of the letter “S” multiple times one over the other. The “S” simply implying ‘Space’. The works then turn into their own and created themselves by have it be an abstract piece. When looking at the works up close, one can see the series of the letter but from afar it’s not visible.



Ink Pen

180gsm Paper, 210 mm x 297 mm

SKMBT_C28017061620270SKMBT_C28017061620280SKMBT_C28017061620270 copy

From these works I wish to extend on the concept of letting the works create themselves, essentially coming into existence in their own space.

I then tried combining this development with the previous one, to create somewhat of a photograph. Also in doing so, I feel that the medium is paper is becoming more evident than it was before.



Ink Pen and Paper

180gm paper, 210 mm x 297 mm


I like the concept of giving them the aesthetic of a photograph but not these combined. I wish to develop the aesthetic more so than the content of these works. Possibly go back to confronting an uncomfortable issue through the works again instead of just simplicity in the ideas.


Paper Project – Development Phase 2

Steering away from visually addressing hard-hitting topics, I wanted to explore the concept of visually portraying the way I view certain things in the world. Previously, it was how I view President Donald Trump, and I thoroughly enjoyed doing so. In not wanting to address sensitive topics, I decided that I would do something simple.

In doing so, I also wanted to pull back from the confinements of having to use paper as a medium. Instead, I aimed to let me creativity flow without any confinements to a particular medium of any sorts. While still wanting to address my interpretation of space; everything and anything is space, since space cannot be contained


I researched the book “The Great Controversy: Past, Present, Future” by Remnant Publications. The book discussed the view of the world and space in regards to history and religion. A summary of what I gathered from this book was that if we look at the world with a holistic point of view, we’re able to see the world in a different way. The analogy made in the book on an example of how things can be viewed is that the world is somewhat like a movie and we’re all the main characters in our own films with supporting characters. What these supporting characters do obviously impact what would happen to us as the main characters. All of this collectively makes me think of what my view on the world is and the people within it.

I’ve decided to illustrate people that exist within my space because I feel that people play a huge part in what your space is. As much as everyone is in control of their own space, (again let me reiterate that space to me is simply anything, its what you exist in and choose to exist in), other people have a lot of power over your individual space as well. The people that you’re surrounded by play into you’re emotional and physical state of being within you’re space. They can bring positivity, or negativity in regard to your emotional state. They also effect what it is that you’re doing within that space. Then there are people that you may not be surrounded by, but you encounter them regularly or just in passing. These people can play a powerful role in your mental state within your space, because these people can leave you confused, enlightened or even upset but all for a momentary space in time because you’re not being surrounded by them, just having an encounter. I decided to depict them in the way that I view them in my mind. Typically, I do not view things or items as the way that they already look like in their existence. For example, I can see a chair and I know what a chair looks like, but the way that its illustrated in my mind is more of a cartoon character as opposed to what an actual chair looks like. It’s a puzzling concept to explain, but I realize that I do not view things in the same way as others. And essentially, nobody views anything in the same way as others.

Taking all of this, I went on to decide on the people I would be depicting, while considering their role within my space at this time. Instead of drawing onto regular paper, I decided to draw onto the paper from “The Great Controversy: Past, Present, Future” seeing as this was my inspiration for this development.



Ink Pen and Paper

From left to right: My Family, Jack Short (BCE course), Donald Trump
From left to right: Myself, Riki (a friend), Kirsten (a friend)


This development is one that I’m sure doesn’t necessarily meet briefs requirements of using paper as a medium because the ink pen is the medium more so than the paper from the book. However, I feel that creating these were necessary for me to let me creativity flow and lead me to new ideas.

Paper Project – Development Phase 1


I started with identifying my two favourite concepts out of my initial ideas which was the Mona Lisa idea and the I Love You idea. From these, I wrote down the thoughts that came to mind when analysing these ideas and I found that some of the ideas had similar sub-ideas.

These sub-ideas are what I will extend on in order to come to a final concept. I will not let the idea of photography and graphic design confine me throughout this developmental process.

I decided to first develop a design based on Donald Trump.  At first I thought I would do something that simply referenced him but I decided to create a piece that visually showed how I view him. I knew from jump that I wasn’t looking to create an installation or sculptural piece because it is not my strong suite. However, I went into the development and refining of ideas with an open mind to the possibility.

Initial concept:

18618757_10213111047000815_83771955_o copy

Final Concept:

Adolf Trump

Digital and Newspaper

A4 Size


To create this piece, I first took a photo of Donald Trump from Google Images and posterized the image on Photoshop. I then printed out the image. Using newspaper, I formed a collage in the shape of hair onto of the image. After scanning the image with the news paper on it, I used photoshop to add yellow over the newspaper, add a moustache and make up.

The final concept is how I view Donald Trump. I see him as a clown. He is a joke to me. He makes a mockery of the US Government and the Presidential status that comes with being the President of the United States. My main issue with President Trump is the comments and actions he has made against minority ethnic groups. Largely the ‘Muslim Ban’ he implemented. First, I think that it’s crazy that one person has that much power. And secondly, that that one person has so much hatred inside of him for minorities. He has shown this through comments during his election campaign. I think that he realises how much his comments offends others, including those outside of the US (like myself), but he simply does not care. Which is a characteristic that I see as having no room in a position of power over the most powerful and influential country.

This is my way of commenting on politics even though this is the first time I’ve done so in an artistic way. It does makes me very uncomfortable referencing such a conflicting topic so in the future when developing, I may or may not reference conflicting topics.  I feel that this is what works well in the piece, that my intentions and vision is obvious without needing an explanation. Whilst being uncomfortable, the piece still works.