Welcome To Space – Part 2

To extend the final work ‘Welcome To Space’, I wanted to show how I would exhibit the piece.

The ‘Welcome To Space’ book would be made into six duplicates. Each duplicate would be mounted to the wall using acrylic supports similar to the example below:


2 Point3 Point

It would be installed in two rows of three. I would have a slideshow of the images playing in a loop being projected over the mounted books.

Slideshow Video:


Final Exhibition:


Overall, Im very happy with the final outcome of my piece. By allowing myself to not have any constraints, including have to use the medium of paper, I was able to explore a wide variety of creative outlets on what I could possibly create. In doing so, I was able to come full circle and still produce a piece of work that met the only requirement of this brief; using the medium of paper.

Also, by exploring and creating my own interpretation of space, I am able to allow others into that space which is my life. I’m able to be open with sharing part of my space and essentially, I’m allowing myself to grow as a person. At the end of the day, space is life and life is space. It’s an infinite void that we all are existing in. It’s easy to become consumed by our own voids so by letting others view your void, you’re able to widen your void and perspective and grow. Growing an infinite amount within an infinite space.


Welcome To Space – Part 1

The first part of my final piece is a book I have complied by the name of ‘Welcome To Space’.

The book consists of my favourite photographs that I have taken this year. The photographs show some of the different aspects of my life; dance, friends, travel and skating. The photographs are also all taken in different locations from around the world and within New Zealand. All of this is to show my space. The space in which I exist in is filled with the content and aesthetics of the photographs. Bright and bold, yet black and white. Action packed yet very chill.

As a person, Im what you would call “low-key”. I do not enjoy having my life shared in a way that is beyond my control, I like to keep my life to myself and do not share a lot of details of what I do in my time outside of uni. By creating this book, Im able to welcome others into my life, which is my space. Im able to give a slight insight into what it is that I do in my space and who is in my space alongside me.

The images within the book are constructed using coloured paper, printed images and masking tape.

Final Images:

SKMBT_C28017061409080SKMBT_C28017061409090SKMBT_C28017061409090.jpg copySKMBT_C28017061409100SKMBT_C28017061409100copySKMBT_C28017061409120 copySKMBT_C28017061409120SKMBT_C28017061409130 copySKMBT_C28017061409130SKMBT_C28017061409140 copySKMBT_C28017061409140SKMBT_C28017061409150 copySKMBT_C28017061409150SKMBT_C28017061409160 copySKMBT_C28017061409160SKMBT_C28017061409170SKMBT_C28017061409180 copySKMBT_C28017061409180SKMBT_C28017061409190 copySKMBT_C28017061409190SKMBT_C28017061409191 copySKMBT_C28017061409191SKMBT_C28017061409200. copyjpgSKMBT_C28017061409200SKMBT_C28017061409210 copySKMBT_C28017061409210SKMBT_C28017061409220 copySKMBT_C28017061409220SKMBT_C28017061409230