Paper Project – Initial Ideas

Powerpoint Presentation: RockPaperSissors

Once we were given the brief of the Paper Project, I was overwhelmed because I was frightened by the idea of having to use paper as a medium. It’s a medium that is very far out of my comfort zone because when I think of using paper of a medium I think of sculpture. And sculpture is something that I do not do well in.

When it came to coming up with ideas, I procrastinated a lot just to avoid having to think about the uncomfortable thought of sculpture. I decided on my quote and image that I would base my work upon and then went on to develop my thoughts.

initial idea decisionScreen Shot 2017-05-25 at 9.10.39 pm

With my field of practice being photography with a bit of graphic design, I found it even more difficult to come up with ideas using the medium of paper.

initial idea brainstorm

To interpret the quote and image, I came to the realisation that everything is connected. In the image, there is a literal connection. And space in itself is such a broad topic that leaves room for even more space. I believe that everything is space; there is space in an astrologic sense, we can exist in a space as in a room, we exist as humans so we occupy space, and we’re in a space of time. To be able to visually communicate these ideas I needed to research more into my personal philosophy of what space is. See research post.

In response to my research, I came to the conclusion of wanting to explore the idea of force. In my opinion, two of the biggest forces in the world is love and human forces.


These would be huge installations against a wall. The masking tape would be ripped into thousands of pieces against said world. Then I would cut out the letters of tissue paper. The masking tape would represent the disconnect of the force of love and humanity, but in the end the masking tape comes together, just like the two forces. The material of tissue paper would be used to represent the fragility of the two forces.initial idea 1

Then I came up with the idea of creating a protest sign that would either say ‘hu(M)an (F)orce’ or ‘I Love You’. I would then create the same background as the above concepts and photograph somebody in front of the backdrop as if they’re the one’s protesting the force itself.

I then hit a wall. I was unsure of how to move forward in my concepts and to even try to work backwards was difficult. After a series of time of procrastination, I decided to go back to the simplistic ideas of combining photography and a bit of graphic design. I took a photograph that I’d taken and drew designs on it.


The designs and image do not mean or reference back to anything. I felt as though I wasn’t completing the task at this point and needed to get back on track. Instead of continuing to to designs onto photographs, I decided to make the photograph be the focal point.

initial idea 4

Using a piece of cardboard as the background, I would rip a photograph and stick in on with masking tape. Ripping the photograph would represent the same thing that the masking tape represented in the first concepts; how things can be disconnected yet make up one whole in the end.

I decided to create a mockup of the concept:


While creating this, I came up with two more concepts that moved away from the meaning of the photograph. They were created to have more to do with the cardboard background


Through focusing on the use of the cardboard, I then circled back to my initial concepts and instead of using masking tape I would use cardboard. The cardboard would be complete boxes rather than just pieces of it. With them being complete boxes being stacked up, it would represent the same thing that the masking tape did in the initial conceptsScreen Shot 2017-05-16 at 8.10.26 am

I then wanted to come up with a design that focused solely on the box itself. I would through paint platters onto the box that would reference the masking tapes meaning in the initial concepts


At this point, I was stuck with ideas of the use of  cardboard boxes, so I came up with some photographic concepts that were isolated from graphic design. The first was using a mask to cover up someones face that would be in a portrait format. The second was inspired by the idea of Unitec having been a mental institution. It would be a mannequin covered in masking tape with a human head behind it. I wanted to create something that was weird and slightly abstract.


Wanting to stick with the abstract route, I started to think about the idea of time. Time being simply a moment and even if it even exists or is just a taught concept. The idea of photography to me is to capture a moment in time. So keeping that in mind, I began to think about moments in time in the art world, thus coming to the concept Mona Lisa.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 8.11.51 am.png

Wanting to extend on this, so I came up with the idea of having the drawing being on a huge piece of transparent paper but only on the bottom half. Then it would be layered on the one directly behind it would have the drawing on the top half and so on so forth.


This concept made me think of a performance art piece by Shia LaBeouf, Luke Turner and Nastja Säde Rönkkö named “He Will Not Divide Us” (See Research Post for more information). This lead me to a concept that would be a lecture room sized single sheet of cardboard. On it would be the words “And With Love From Me”. It would be an interactive performance art piece that would enable viewers to write a love note to anyone in their lives, or a hate note if that’s what they feel. And they would be able to post the notes onto the sheet of cardboard. I would want to take photographs during the duration of the piece.

and with love from me

and with love from me copy
Example of what it could look like


I realise that I had no definitive route that I would eventually pursue but I feel that I need to do more development in order to get a concept that I would carry out. I feel that the idea of having to choose professional ambitions made me feel confined in the ideas I came up with. I felt like I had to always link the concepts back to photography with some graphic design, which didn’t allow me to fully extend the ideas.