Grid – Week Four onwards

Task: Look at ‘Grid’ Pinterest page and select images that can be used as inspiration to extend the previous set of drawings


I want to move back to more abstract styled pieces of work instead of figurative pieces like the previous series. But to extend the previous series I want to take the simplistic ideas and visual aesthetics to build up.

  • Maybe the face shape
  • Maybe the head shape
  • Maybe the hair

I want to extend the conceptual coherence of exploring ‘Who I am’



Ink pen on paper

210 x 297 millimetres

I initially started with an outline of the entire drawing of the face. Leaving it blank to show a blank canvas to show how I’m open to new things and new ideas. How being impressionable is a big part of who I am.  On the second drawing I added lines. The lines in both the second and third drawings represent the things that go on in my mind and life. So by putting the lines over the face shape shows everything going on around me. Whereas by putting the lines inside the face shape shows what’s happening in my mind.

Of the three, I felt like the third drawing with the lines inside the face shape was the interesting to me and raised the inquiry of how can I visually portray what’s going on my mind in a different way visually than lines.


I’ve decided to take the face shape and extend it. Using the manipulating photocopier technique that I used in Re-grid, I took the image and applied that technique to it. This resulted in morphed face shapes. Playing around with the size of those two images as above, I created a piece which I call Potatoe Heads

Potatoe shapes.jpg

Potatoe Heads

Ink pen on paper

210 x 297 millimetres

To develop my inquiry of how visually portraying what’s going on in my head, I used the Potatoe Heads to help me do so. The Potatoe Heads became the visual representation of what’s going on in my mind. Linking it back to my thoughts of wanting to explore more abstract styled pieces of work

Inspired by Sue Williams, using photoshop I created four pieces of work that show this

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Digitally made on Photoshop

210 x 297 millimeters

Then taking the original Potatoe Heads drawing, I formed a new set of individual shapes from them by seeing which shapes could be connected to create new shapes. I did this to create a new set of shapes of visually portray what’s going on in my mind.

Ink pen on paper

210 x 297 millimetres

I’m going to use the new shapes to do similar works as above that are still inspired by the work of Sue Williams. I introduced the use of colour into the new drawings, using different tones of grey. The different tones represent the idea of thoughts having different tones to them in a metaphorical way. Some thoughts are black and white, straight forward, while others come in different tones, different aspects and things to consider when addressing them.

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Digitally made on Photoshop

297 x 420 millimeters

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After I created the pieces of work (as seen above), I thought about how can I move from visually portraying what’s going on in my mind in an abstract way to a more literal way but still having it be somewhat abstract? How can I bring it to life? I want to create something that still makes a viewer stop and think about what’s happening. But to link it back to the additive and subtractive works, I want it to be simplistic.

I then came up with the idea of turning the shapes used in the above pieces of work into characters. That way, they’re still abstract style but simplistic and brought to life by personifying them.

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Acrylic paint on 160gsm, ink pen

210 x 247 millimeters

Thinking back to ‘Re-grid Collection Three’, I wanted to take the characters and give them personalities and traits that are the most prominent within me. But to also change it from just being a character, which will now have a personality, but to a moment in time like in ‘Re-grid Collection Three’. Im going to give the personality or trait itself a time stamp as to when I feel/felt it most.

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While creating these, I realised just how personal all of these drawings are/are becoming. All of these emotions and traits that I feel and things that go on in my mind all stem from a particular event in my life that occurred of 21st June 2015, the day that my best friend passed away from taking her own life. Through creating all these works and questioning who I am, I’ve come to the realisation that when this happened, that is when I lost myself. And since then I’ve been trying to find myself again. Visually sharing these thoughts, ideas and questions is all a process of finding myself again, figuring out who I want to be and become.

I want to keep going. And to be able to do so, I now know that I need to stick to making myself vulnerable and being honest and pure in order to visually portray those things and to visually communicate the conceptual coherence of Who Am I?

I went on to create a series of text driven pieces, each of which relate to a particular character from above. The text included in the pieces is poetry that I have written and have yet to share in a way such as this assignment. In a way I feel that I’m forced to share them in order to get the conceptual coherence across. But the forcefulness is not attached to negativity. I am proud and glad that I’m able to share my personal thoughts and feelings in the name of creativity.

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Photography, ink pen, digitally made on photoshop

105 x 148 millimeters

The photos used are pictures that I took. I intentionally wanted the images to have a grainy, washed, aged look to them so that the text is the main focus rather than the background image.

I liked the ones with the white boarder, title and time stamp but after considering feedback, I felt that it did clutter the image as a whole. So I chose the most successful ones, and included them without the title, time stamp and boarder.

I have decided to extend on the photography aspect of the images above with photography being one of the artistic outlets that I very much enjoy, specifically documentary photography. Drawing is not just with a pen and paper, to me drawing is simply just creating whether that be a sculpture, a film or even music. Drawing is just creating to me.

When deciding what exactly it is that I want to photograph, I started to think about what makes you who you are. For me personally, it is what goes on in my mind and the people I am surrounded with. I then started to think that the people I am mostly surrounded by at this time is my peers in the BCE course with majority of my time being spent at uni. Im going to photograph the people in my course

My initial images: 204 images

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I want to include a time stamp and title to selected images similar to the time stamp and titles on the shapes and text images.

I tried to two different layouts that I’ve previously used:

Test print 5Test print 1

I prefer the layout with image-white boarder-titles-time because it’s simplistic and not all all-over in terms in spatial composition.

I selected my favourite images from my initial images to apply this layout to: 107 images

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Photography, digitally made on Photoshop

105 x 148 millimeters

After creating all of these images, I had the intention to end the creating process there. But I feel that the images show a moment in time but I want to go slightly beyond that.

I want to create a zine. I feel that not only will a zine bring all of these works together, but I feel like it’s a area in which I haven’t explored at all having only recently been introduced to them. I want to accumulate everything into one space. I want make the zine more for myself than for the sake of this assignment. I want to be able to show the sense of connection between my thoughts, emotions and current state of being so that I can look back on it and visually tell where I was mentally in that moment of time. The zine is beyond this assignment and beyond university. It’s for me.

Zine: twentyone

twentyone coverScreen Shot 2017-04-15 at 12.28.37 pmScreen Shot 2017-04-15 at 12.30.40 pmScreen Shot 2017-04-15 at 12.31.54 pmScreen Shot 2017-04-15 at 12.33.00 pmScreen Shot 2017-04-15 at 12.33.52 pmScreen Shot 2017-04-15 at 12.33.45 pmScreen Shot 2017-04-16 at 2.04.49 pmScreen Shot 2017-04-16 at 2.03.17 pmScreen Shot 2017-04-16 at 2.03.18 pmScreen Shot 2017-04-15 at 12.39.20 pmScreen Shot 2017-04-16 at 2.02.10 pmtwentyone final page

Digitally made on Photoshop

210 x 297 millimeters

The name twentyone stems from the date of my best friends passing. Its a number that’s associate with so much negativity to me. So to make it the title of a piece of work that I’m so happy with and proud of, is a step in changing my thinking. In developing. In discovering who I am more in-depth.

This is me

I am me

This is twentyone

I am twentyone




Additive and Subtractive

Task: Choose the most successful drawing. Use either or both additive and subtractive techniques to make 4 new drawings


My initial thoughts when given this task was “What am I going to do?” I felt as though the limitation of black and white cut off my ideas that extended the previous works where I introduced colour as a way to communicate my ideas. This struck me and put me in bit of a “artists block” per say.

I went on to choose an image so that I could have some type of starting point to go from


Once I had chosen my image, I decided to to a brainstorm to get my mind going again to get out of this “artists block”. I needed to just put down some ideas to get me started that I could then look at and produce 4 of them.


From the brainstorm I decided on the 4 new images I would create. I realised that I needed to look at the image in a literal way rather than trying to force this super artistic vibe to it. So for the subtractive drawings, I decided to take away key details that essentially make up the face in a literal way. And for the additive ones I just added small things rather than changing the image all together





All in all, I’m happy with the outcome of all four images produced. I did steer away from the meaning behind them all by having them just be literal and figurative instead. I think that this works well though. If these four drawings had to have deep representation and meaning, I don’t think that they would be as successful. They’re successful to me through the simplicity of them all. They’re pleasant to look at visually without having to think too much.

For the next set of images I want to extend from the simplicity to more abstract


Re-grid Collections

Task: Use the two collections to generate a new set of collections with no restrictions, can create anything at all

Re-grid Collection One:


I manipulated the MTV Logo on the Geordie Shore poster. The visual aspects of these drawings are what appeal to me most. It’s more abstract than what my usual style is to reflect the idea of questioning who I am and just questioning in general. By trying new things creatively it reflects that.

Re-grid Collection Two:


This was an extention for ‘Re-grid Collection One’. Doing the same technique to create new images. I still have the same idea of the visual aspects reflecting questioning who I am and questioning in general.

I do want to explore more hand drawn abstract drawings further on in the project. But for the rest of the re-grid collections I want to go back to my usual style of more figurative and literal pieces of work so that I can explore different styles and methods of creating.

Re-grid Collection Three:



Sticking with the Geordie Shore poster, I used the logo of the show to create three new images. These images run parallel to the idea of a poster that makes you stop and think. Visually, there isn’t much complexity to the components, the complexity lies in my intentions on creating them. I wanted to convey the similarities between the basis of Geordie Shore the show and to my characteristics at the time of these images.

Things to carry over in future drawings after re-grid:

  • How to change an image from a photograph to a moment in time visually?
  • Make drawings that make you stop and think
  • How can I show characteristics in an abstract way to bring in ideas from re-grid collection one and two?

Re-grid Collection Four:


Taking images from my first collection of childhood images, I turned the photographs into ink pen drawings. I wanted to create simplistic drawings to reflect the simplicity of childhood. The cartoon child-like style to the drawings reflect childhood in general. When I was younger, I definitely took the ease of childhood for granted the way I think most people do. When you grow up things become more complex. The concept of not including eyes came about when I was thinking about that. How eyes are literally how we view the world but as kids, the way we view it is so different to now that it seems like our eyes weren’t working properly.

So if my eyes weren’t working properly back then and I wasn’t viewing the world as it is now, was I viewing myself accurately? Was I really who I think I was? If not, then what’s the basis to who I am? —Explore this further and try to answer these questions visually

Re-grid Collection Five:


Extending the previous collection into modernised versions of those drawings of a young me. I included the eyes contrast my statements about not including eyes for the young versions; how I now think that I view the world correctly. These images represent a futuristic version of myself and a current version of myself, who I want to be and become. But in my mind there is an uncertainty. Visually it seems as though I know who I want to be and become. I need to find a way to visually portray the uncertainty as well.

Re-grid Collection Six:

This collection wasn’t made to show the uncertainty per say, more the contrast that leads to uncertainty. The brown background represents plain, bland and boring. Where as the drawings of futuristic me are meant to be cool, vibrant and extraordinary. The contrast between the background and the contents are amplified more so than the previous collection. I want to find another way to use colour to amplify something.

Re-grid Collection Seven:


I created this small collection to experiment with colour representation in the drawings. But unlike the previous collection, the colour itself doesn’t represent anything. The idea of adding a colour is what represents something. It represents the confusion and uncertainty. With it being apart of the drawings, it shows the integration between the two; how I can be so sure yet so unsure at the very same time.

Introduction to Collections

Task: Bring in 20 images – 2 sequences of 10 images *One can be downloaded


Collection One:Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 9.02.44 amScreen Shot 2017-04-14 at 9.02.58 amScreen Shot 2017-04-14 at 9.03.02 amScreen Shot 2017-04-14 at 9.03.05 amScreen Shot 2017-04-14 at 9.03.08 amScreen Shot 2017-04-14 at 9.03.10 am

This is a collection of childhood photographs that all have a relation to the site. All of these particular childhood images are images that were taken in South Africa before moving here to New Zealand. Having only lived in South Africa till the age of seven, these photographs have great sentimental value to me being that it is my way of remembering. Remembering particular events. Remembering where I came from and essentially that leads me to trying to remember who I am. I say ‘trying to remember’ because I still have to discover whats yet to come in my life, only then will I be able to know who I am. But this collection of photographs is my starting point.

Collection Two:

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 9.03.51 amScreen Shot 2017-04-14 at 9.03.55 amScreen Shot 2017-04-14 at 9.03.57 amScreen Shot 2017-04-14 at 9.04.00 amScreen Shot 2017-04-14 at 9.04.02 amScreen Shot 2017-04-14 at 9.04.05 am

This collection is composed with the thematic coherence of my favourite reality tv shows. I think that reality shows are looked down on more often than not, so choosing this particular collection I knew that it would raise some eyebrows. But they’re a vital part of me. Reality shows allows one to experience a different reality other than your own, so for 45 minutes you’ve escaped your reality and entered into a world of competitiveness or partying or petty drama. It’s entertaining for me to do so.

These collections raise particular questions to me;

  • Who am I?
  • Who will I be?
  • Why do I enjoy escaping my reality?
  • Is there something about my reality that I do not enjoy?