C&D Research: Style

In the beginning of the course, I created this board to put my ideas out there. Not neccesarily the style of art that I would produce myself but more of what art aesthetically appeal to me. Generally I enjoy bright coloured pieces of art because they tend to catch my eye before pieces that aren’t very colourful.

Skate culture and photography is the type of vibe I lean most towards in my style; relaxed and simplistic but energetic. I like that one can sense the energy through the photograph or piece of art

C&D Research: Who Am I


My ‘Who Am I’ board helped me in terms of the drawings produced of past, present and future versions of myself. I was unsure of how to progress from the images to the ink pen drawings. I took away the ideas of cartoonifying the image and from that I was able to extend further from just drawing the image to then drawing other versions of the drawings not the image.

C&D Research: Additive + Subtractive


This board was pure inspiration into what to do for these set of drawings because I had a case of ‘artists block’ when tasked to create the additive and subtraction drawings.

Artist Mink Couteaux: created the brightly coloured portrait art

Interview by Music On Walls on April 4th 2014

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 3.51.16 pm

From this I took away his method of creating his pieces. Not the specific method but more of the simplistic nature of the method. I want to add this into my method in creating these drawings

C&D Research: Grid – Artists

From Richard’s Grid page, I chose works from Sue Williams, Laura Owens and Pablo Picasso


Laura Owens – She uses informal lines in her pieces of work. I implemented them into my drawings but gave them more in-depth meaning by having them symbolise the thoughts in my mind. Im unsure of the meaning of them in her pieces. They appear to be more apart of a collage process that she has as a common theme throughout her works

Sue Williams – Her work was the most intriguing to me. I used her work as inspiration for the Potatoe Heads work through to all of the shape work up until the shape characters.


Pablo Picasso – I wasn’t as inspired by this image initially. Once I got to the idea of doing photography I went back to this work because it reminds me of photography. But it reminds me of unconventional photography. In terms of my work, I personally don’t see documentary photography in mainstream media so to me I consider documentary style photography, that I like to do, to be unconventional.

C&D Research: Grid extra

These images were my inspiration for the shape characters and how to personify them

C&D Research: Photography

When it comes to photography, I don’t like to do research. I feel that when I do research on photography, it’s hard for me to not straight up copy rather than to take inspiration like I should. But in a way I think it’s better that I don’t enjoy researching photography because the outcome of my images are pure

One of my favourite photographers is Moises Arias. His images are the black and white images in this board

C&D Research: Zine

I have the same feelings about creating the Zine as I do about photography in terms of researching. Even though I don’t know much about Zines I wanted it to be pure. I looked for some inspiration on layouts though