Welcome To Space – Part 2

To extend the final work ‘Welcome To Space’, I wanted to show how I would exhibit the piece.

The ‘Welcome To Space’ book would be made into six duplicates. Each duplicate would be mounted to the wall using acrylic supports similar to the example below:


2 Point3 Point

It would be installed in two rows of three. I would have a slideshow of the images playing in a loop being projected over the mounted books.

Slideshow Video:


Final Exhibition:


Overall, Im very happy with the final outcome of my piece. By allowing myself to not have any constraints, including have to use the medium of paper, I was able to explore a wide variety of creative outlets on what I could possibly create. In doing so, I was able to come full circle and still produce a piece of work that met the only requirement of this brief; using the medium of paper.

Also, by exploring and creating my own interpretation of space, I am able to allow others into that space which is my life. I’m able to be open with sharing part of my space and essentially, I’m allowing myself to grow as a person. At the end of the day, space is life and life is space. It’s an infinite void that we all are existing in. It’s easy to become consumed by our own voids so by letting others view your void, you’re able to widen your void and perspective and grow. Growing an infinite amount within an infinite space.


Week 4 – Photoshop 101

In this weeks class we went over the basic use of the Adobe suite, focusing on Photoshop. My previous knowledge of photoshop is rather minimal but I’m not completely new to the use of it. Last year, during Certificate of Design and Visual Arts, was my first introduction to the use of photoshop so I found this workshop useful as a refresher and in learning new tricks and skills.

Exercise One – Colour Wheel

We first looked at the use of colours. Using colour wheel, we had to create a colour scheme that we feel reflects a personal memory of ours. My  personal memory was a night in which I made a lot of life lasting memories with a special friend of mine. This night was filled with food, laughter and early morning adventures.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 10.33.35 am

I chose this colour palette because of the softness of the specific colours. The choice of colours links to items that I remember identifying from the night which included soft toys, street art and furniture. The contrast between the shades of red and shades of blue also references myself and the my friend from the evening. In all honesty, I had never given as much thought to the use of colour as I did in this exercise. I haven’t had to give colour a meaning on its own because usually my use of colour is within a piece of art but having colour on it’s own having to tell the story by itself was interesting and challenging. But I feel that the colours I have chosen resonate with my memory.

Exercise Two – Layers

We then moved onto Photoshop specifically. We were tasked with trying out layers in the next exercise. Layers in something that I’m familiar with so I felt comfortable using this. We had to use various layovers and levels of opacity to create our image.

CT Class exercise 2

Exercise Three – Tools

We then went onto the use of photoshop more in depth in terms of the tools. We were given a picture of what looks to be a factory wall, and were tasked with using our choice of tools to add things into the open spaces.


Original image
Wall finished
Photoshopped image

To get rid of the open spaces, I tried the magnetic lasso tool and the eraser. But I felt that it looked a little bit messy and tried to a different tool. I then used the quick selection tool to do some which I preferred due to the crisp cut that it makes. The first three rectangles are using the quick selection tool and the last four rectangles are using the magnetic lasso tool with the eraser. The windows give the building a realistic look alongside the posters. I think that if i had only put windows or only posters it wouldn’t have looked believable. Even though the task wasn’t to make it realistic but rather to just experiment and get used to the tools, I still wanted to make it somewhat realistic.

Exercise Four – Blend modes

Next was experimenting with various blend modes. Blend modes was something that I was somewhat familiar with but only the use of Multiply. I hadn’t experimented with the other blend modes, so seeing their effect was interesting. I used multiply, soft light, darken, overlay and linear light.

Photo realistic Task

Our homework from this class was to create two photorealistic photographs of anything and insert two items into these two images using photoshop.

I chose to use two photos my one of my favourite singers; Jorja Smith. She has a natural beauty that is captured well in photographs of her which I felt I could possibly play around with.

jorja smith realisticjorja smith realistic 2


In the first image, I added the patch onto her jacket and the tattoo onto her hand. I played along with the characteristics of the original image with the colouring and enhanced the pre-existing filters. These were the blurriness of the image and the lighting. In the second image, I added the poster on the wall in the background as well as the glasses. I reiterated the blurriness of the background from the original image so that the poster doesn’t stand out. I think that the glasses fit well into the image because it goes with the retro-grunge look of the image.

Overall, I think that the images work well. I asked multiple people on their opinion of what they thought was added, and adjusted them according to the feedback I received.